Happy Holidays

If you’re like me your tree is decorated, the presents are all bought and wrapped or delivered, and you’ve set your email out of office message.

Just kidding. If you’re really like me, you’re still not done shopping and if your significant other doesn’t step up and give you a better idea what he wants he’s getting socks this year. Again.

All joking aside, I believe the holiday season has a shared meaning that transcends culture and religion, told through stories. These stories inspire us to share a human experience, create shared memories and connect with one another.

Humans have been storytellers since the dawn of time, before written language and books. We tell stories to help us remember what’s important, to make sense out of our lives and to relate to and connect with one another. Telling stories give us a sense of culture, history, and identity across generations.

Christmas is a collective expression and inspiration of our ONE HEART! It’s our way of creating a ritual to celebrate our lives by sharing our love in meaningful ways, by giving the gift of appreciation to those that make our lives wealthy in joy, happiness and memorable moments.

Giving is such a heart warming and beautiful experience for both the giver and the receiver. And it’s less about the gift and more about the thoughtfulness and sentiment behind the gift. Giving creates feelings of happiness for both the giver and the receiver.

I remember receiving a very thoughtful gift as a child from a friend of my mother. I was so blown away and excited not because she’d given me a gift, but because the gift was something I secretly desired – a Puff Paint Kit for Designing T-Shirts. I’m all grown up now, but I still remember opening that gift and feeling surprised, excited and overjoyed all at once.

The Spirit of Christmas is about sharing love, gratitude, and creating new memories and stories with family and friends. It’s about saying thank you to all the people that enrich your life with their love and specialness.

The most valuable gifts aren’t always the most expensive. They’re the ones that communicate our love and friendship for the other person into a lasting and loving memory long after the decorations have been put away.


Happy Holidays for all of us at Larchmont Sanctuary Spa!!!

Be Inspired. Be Thoughtful. Be Grateful. Be Well.




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