Reconnect this Valentine’s Day

Reconnect this Valentine’s Day. As time goes on in our busy lives, we always want to make sure we are finding time for the ones that make us smile. There are always ways to say I Love You, and show that you care. Making our loved ones a priority will not only make them feel special but make you feel wonderful as well. I will share some of my favorite ways to make someone feel special. You can try these with the love of your life, your friend or parent, and feel rewarded for doing so.

One of my favorites is making my loved one laugh. Laughing is a strong medicine for your mind, body and soul. Laughing connects you to others. It inspires hope and is a healing power to both your physical and emotional needs. It decreases stress hormones and triggers the release of endorphins. Endorphins are your body’s natural feel-good chemical, which continues to make you feel good even after your laugh subsides. Some ways to increase laughter with your loved one could be to watch a funny movie you both like, go to a comedy club, host game night, or simply do something silly. Whatever makes you laugh, share it with your loved one so that you can see that smile on their face.

Another great way to say I love you would be to give tokens of appreciation. A well-known psychologist and philosopher named William James said, “The deepest principle to human nature is a craving to be appreciated.” Giving appreciations lifts people up and energizes their soul. It creates loving relationships, healthy families, happiness, and fulfillment. Showing appreciation creates great results, and is so easy to do! Some ways you can show appreciation is by writing a Thank You note and letting them know how much of a difference they have made in your life; You can also compliment them on one of their strengths, or something that you admire; You can give them your time. Time is valuable and much appreciated. Giving quality time to the person you love is a great way of showing that they are appreciated. For those who do not live close to their loved one, you can simply tell them that that they make your world a better place.

Last, but not least you and your loved one can try new things together. Psychologist Rich Walker says that people who engage in a variety of new experiences minimize negative experiences. Have you or your loved one been through something negative in your lifetime? Sure, everyone has. Each day we experience at least 20,000 moments, let’s make them positive ones! Another Psychologist name Fredrickson said that all you need is a 3:1 ratio to have a flourishing relationship with your loved ones. This means for every bad experience; you need three great ones! Doing something new together also challenges comfort zones and builds confidence with one another by experiencing progress and success.

Enjoy taking part in the simple but significant things in life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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